Julie & Steven - founders

Our Story

Our bagels are da bomb, and our love for baking kept rising when a Polish girl from Cleveland met an Italian boy from the Bronx. And we baked. Together. From scratch. Creating doughs and cream cheeses day after day, at home in Atlanta. We blended and folded everything we learned from our respective European grandmothers, and Midwestern and Northeastern moms into fun, new creations that received rave reviews from friends and family.
One of our first blended creations was kneaded together with a bagel that baked in a crunch from the Bronx, a chew from the Midwest, and a burst of gourmet flavor.

We only source fresh,  ingredients, and always start with a well of flour, and a pinch of this and that, just the way "babcia" and "nonna" baked. That's the story of how the Bronx Bagel Buggy was born and blended into a big, bold taste of the North in the South. Continue to our menu to view all the handcrafted flavors baked by The Bronx Bagel Buggy. We look forward to meeting you soon! -- Julie & Steven